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Helping you to keep your Computers Dust Free.

You keep your home clean by removing old and outdated stuff from around the house. Similarly, a complete dusting and a thorough cleanup of all corners of the house give us a satisfactory feeling that you have a dust-free and sparkling home.

Our Team

We have been in the business of providing computers and computer technology related services for the past couple of decades. We have been registered as a company since the late eighties and hence have the experience of having seen the ups and downs of the IT industry. We have sustained, and have been extremely successful in providing IT solutions to small and medium businesses while keeping alive our legacy of providing custom-made computers for home buyers as well.

We have a unique team of professionals from various parts of the world, bringing their expertise to our company. We have been in this business for over 25 years, have seen the dot-com bubble burst and are proud to say that we have remained stable and strong through them all. Our teams provide technological solutions to our customers and clients so that they can become more productive and efficient using computers and the latest technology.

Small and medium business specialists team: Our team specializes in helping small and medium businesses to make the transition into a tech-savvy business. We provide wide-ranging solutions for such businesses to help them automate their businesses and improve productivity overnight. Apart from providing solutions, we ease their transition by providing training where necessary.

Home computers: This was what started our journey into the IT world and we have an able and efficient team that handles all requests for computers. They first understand your requirements and then can suggest the kind of computer that would suit you the best. They will not only provide installation but also help with services that will help you to use the computer. We also provide effective after sales services.

Customer services team: This team has won accolades and awards for its services from various business chambers and critics alike. The feedback and the testimonials received from the customers and clients speak volumes about our commitment to service.